We offer services in all areas of business management to companies of all sizes in a wide variety of industries. Some of our important practice areas are listed below.


The standard method used for conducting recruitment of senior management or for confidential replacement situations. These searches range from senior management at Fortune 100 companies to key positions in small and medium-sized companies




Exclusive contingency recruiting [also referred to as "retingent" or "container" search] is recommended when you prefer a contractually committed and fully engaged search relationship but you don’t want to commit to a fully retained search. This level of contingent search working relationship may be your best option if you anticipate a more complex and lengthy search process or if confidentiality is critical.


Engagement fees
Payment of the first engagement fee initiates your search. The typical engagement fee is one-third of the estimated total fee. The balance is paid upon completion of the assignment.







The process of attracting and retaining leaders who can influence, as it is increasingly more competitive between firms and of strategic importance, has come to be known as "the war for talent." 


Who are these leaders and key players in your industry and where are they?


Talent Mapping involves developing the road map of your commercial marketplace, to identify and track high potential individuals and organizations. Knowing where these potential future leaders of your organization are located, allows you to create and manage a talent pipeline.


Using our research capabilities, we will identify the best competitive target organizations. After the target list is developed, we then identify the location of specific skill sets, and then based on geography, we establish by department where the best competitive talent is located. Our ultimate goal is the identification of specific target people by name and job title, and where they fit in the organizational structure.


Once the data is fully developed, we deliver an organization map detailing our findings.


Corporate Talent Mapping can be used as part of a competitive data gathering exercise or it can allow organizations to benchmark their talent pool in terms of experience, qualifications and skills against those of their competitors.


Use Corporate Talent Mapping to develop a pipeline of high quality, high potential, pre-qualified and exceptional candidates. You will not only shorten your time to hire, but you will increase the quality of your hires.


There are many benefits from Corporate Talent Mapping. Give us a call to discuss a customized solution for your organization.


See for Yourself


To gain a better understanding of what we do - and what we can do for you - have a look at some of our reference projects for past and current clients.


Vice President of Sales-Luxury Hospitality Company


Director of Sales & Marketing-Pre-opening Luxury Resort and Spa


Director of Global Sales-Global Hospitality Marketing Company


Executive Chef-5 Star Resort Complex-Domincan Republic


Director of Human Resources-Luxury Hotel- Boston, MA


Director of Engineering-Luxury Hotel-Boston, MA


Director of Global Brand Strategy- Major International Hotel & Resort Company


This is a small sample of our work in the hospitality industry. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss our capabilities in greater detail.